One Family United in Faith

Emergency Services

​Funds at Saint James are provided from the generous hearts of those who attend the Ministerial Association's Lenten Services and other various donations throughout the year. These funds are then dispersed to families in need, following the guidelines below:

  • The maximum amount per family unit is $50 in a one year period.
  • Saint James only helps with utility bills such as gas, electric, and water if they are in threat of being shut off. We, as a parish, help with rent if the family has an eviction notice or in threat of one. In these cases, the check is sent directly to the utility company or landlord.
  • If the family needs $450 we will be paying $50. The family needs to come up with the balance and let us know before we will process our payment. We reserve the right to verify the family utility account balance due through the utility company or amount due to the landlord.
  • Oil needs will be handled through an oil distributor. Kerosene will be purchased, but the person must provide the container.
  • We will also help with clothing vouchers Christian Layman in Greensburg by calling (724) 834-4464 oYWCA Thrift Store), gasoline vouchers or bus passes (where feasible). This counts towards the $50 per family unit per year. If they get a gas voucher to fill up their car and it totals $50 then we can't help them with a bill in the same year.
  • Emergency food supplies can be provided through the Food Pantry at No Wall Ministries. Gift cards for food can be supplied for needs beyond the immediate, but the family will also be directed to the Westmoreland County Food Bank to manage longer-term needs.
  • The Ministerial Association reserves the right to limit the number of awards per family, and will refer the family to the appropriate resources in the community. Residents of New Alexandria and surrounding communities, which are represented by the churches of the Ministerial Association, will be given priority for funds. Those in need who are transient will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requests for needs will be met in a timely fashion, but may not be immediate.
  • Other referrals are handled through Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg